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How to add washi tape to your Bible

One of my all time favorite projects is adding washi tape to a Bible. I don’t know why, but there is something so satisfying about all those pages with washi taped edges that just makes me happy. How did we ever live without washi tape, anyway?

This is a Bible I did recently for a customer. I love to add Bible tabs after I finish adding the washi tape, but you could absolutely skip that. It’s gorgeous either way. 

I used a Roy G Biv pattern for this Bible because the Bible tabs are color coded by genre. All of the law books are red, history books are pink, poetry orange, major profits yellow, minor profits green, gospels turquoise, history navy, epistles blue and prophecy purple. 

The one below is my personal Bible. It is a random assortment of washi tape colors and patterns with colorful Bible tabs. I LOVE it, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. 🙂


Ready to add washi tape to your own Bible? Awesome! Here’s what you need:

  1. a Bible
  2. washi tape
  3. scissors

That’s it! 

Now, I have quite an extensive washi tape collection (some have called it an obsession, but whatever). This is my main collection. Yes, that does mean I have even more stashed elsewhere in my office (in my defense – I have been collecting this for many, many years).

You do NOT need anywhere near this much washi – in fact, you can absolutely do a Bible with one roll. So don’t think you have to run out and spend a fortune on washi tape. Use whatever you have. 

Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. I don’t think I have ever finished a Bible in one sitting. This is a long process. You really have to take your time and work slowly.
  2. When you apply the tape initially, do not press down. Lightly lay it into place and then fold it over gently. Be ready to make mistakes. Luckily washi tape is somewhat easy to remove as long as you don’t press down until you know it’s in the right spot. 
  3. Find something on the page to use as a guide. If your journaling Bible has lines you can line up the tape with the end of the journaling lines. You can also use the text margins as a guide.
  4. If your Bible pages are rounded you may want to round off the edges of the tape. I have both rounded the corners and cut the tape off square and my personal preference is to leave them squared off. It is waaaay easier and I think it adds to the look. 

Want to add Bible Tabs to your washi taped Bible? You can find them here

And that’s it! If you would like to see a video explaining the process I have posted one on my YouTube channel here

Happy Washi Taping!


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