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Esther 8

Esther Bible Study Week 8

Good morning and happy Wednesday! Here’s my summary of chapter 8:

  1. The king gives Esther and Mordecai Haman’s house as compensation.
  2. Esther speaks to the king and begins to plead and weep for her people. She begs King Ahasuerus to write an order to revoke Haman’s edict to destroy the Jews. Sounds like a totally reasonable solution to this whole mess, right? Well, not so much.
  3. The king tells Esther that no edict that is written in the King’s name and sealed with his ring can be revoked. Really? That doesn’t seem wise in a country where the king stays drunk most of the time. Kind of a recipe for disaster. But apparently, this was how things worked in most countries at this time.
  4. So the king tells Esther and Mordecai to simply write another edict in his name and take care of it. Clearly the king wasn’t up to doing it himself – he probably had more wine to drink.
  5. So all the scribes are called and Mordecai writes a new edict in the name of the king and sealed with his ring. It said that all Jews had the right to not only gather and defend themselves, but also to destroy, kill and annihilate any armed force who may attack them on the 13th day of Adar. They also had the right to plunder any who attacked them (this always gives me pause, but it was the way things were done at the time). The edict was written in every language of the provinces and taken by mounted couriers riding royal horses (from the royal stud!) and displayed for all of the people.
  6. Then Mordecai left the palace in super fancy robes and a golden crown and the city of Susa (not just the Jews, the whole city!) shouted and rejoiced. And the Jews had light, and gladness, and joy and honor. Every province had a feast and a holiday. And many people declared themselves Jews because they were not afraid of them.

What did you think? What stood out to you? Do you think the people who declared themselves Jews were actual converts or were they just claiming to be out of fear? I can’t wait to read your thoughts! #farmgirljournalsesther

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