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Esther 6


Esther Bible Study Week 6

Happy Wednesday!

Don’t you just love this chapter? The tide is beginning to turn for Haman. His life is becoming a comedy of errors.

  1. The night after Esther’s first feast the king was unable to sleep so he had the book of memorable deeds brought and read to him. They just happened to turn to the story of Mordecai saving the king (do you see God’s hand?).
  2. The king asked how Mordecai had been honored and was told that nothing had been done.
  3. The king called for Haman and asked, “What should be done to the man whom the king delights to honor?”
  4. Haman assumed the king could only be speaking of himself (what an ego!) and suggested: 1) robes that the king has worn, 2) a horse that the king had ridden and who wore a crown, 3) give these to one of the king’s most noble officials, 4) have him dress Mordecai, and 5) have him lead the horse through the city square, proclaiming: “Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delights to honor.”
  5. The king loved the suggestion and told Haman to hurry and do it all for Mordecai. And don’t leave out a thing!
  6. Haman had no choice but to do all of this for the man he hated. Can you imaging his face???
  7. After, Mordecai returned to the king’s gates, but Haman went home in mourning. When he told his wife and friends what had happened, even they saw the writing on the wall. The same people who had advised him the night before to build the huge gallows to hang Mordecai now saw that Haman’s hatred for this man would be his downfall.
  8. The chapter ends with Haman being hurried to Esther’s next feast.

Something that stood out to me this time was that Haman was very specific about wanting things that only the king would normally have. He wanted to wear the king’s clothes – surely that was unusual. Was he plotting a coup? Did the king notice?

What stood out to you? Did you see God moving behind the scenes? Are you enjoying Esther? I can’t wait to read your thoughts and see your journaling!

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