Esther 5

Esther 5 Bible Journaling
Esther Bible Study Week 5
Happy Wednesday! Let’s dive into our summary of Esther 5:
1. After 3 days of prayer and fasting, Esther sprang into action. She got all gussied up and went to the king without being invited. Thankfully, the king is happy to see her and doesn’t order her killed.
2. The king asked Esther what she needed and told her that anything she wanted, up to half of his kingdom, would be granted to her. Esther told him that all she wanted was for the king and Haman to come to a feast she had prepared. The king summoned Haman and off they went to the feast.
3. After eating, while the king and Haman were (you guessed it!) drinking, the king asked again what her request was. She asked that they come to another feast the next day.
4. On his way home Haman saw Mordecai and was so upset that Mordecai did not honor him that he was filled with wrath.
5. At home he called for his wife and buddies and proceeded to regale them with stories of his riches, many sons and his promotions (I’m sure they were just thrilled). He then complained that all of his blessings were worth nothing because he was so upset by Mordecai. His wife and friends suggested he build an enormous gallows and in the morning he tell the king to hang Mordecai. That way he would be able to enjoy the feast knowing that he had killed Mordecai.
What stood out to me most was that Haman gave Mordecai so much power in his life. He was so focused on this man whom he believed had disrespected him that it blinded him to everything else. His wrath toward Mordecai would eventually prove fatal, but even if it hadn’t, it robbed him of his joy and preoccupied his thoughts. I wish I could say I have never done this, but I would be lying. This has been a wonderful reminder for me to make the choice to focus on my blessings and not my trials.
What stood out to you this week? I can not wait to read your thoughts and see your journaling! #farmgirljournalsesther
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