Esther 4

Esther 4 Bible Journaling
Esther Bible Study Week 4
Hello! I hope you enjoyed chapter 4 as much as I did – let’s jump right in with a summary:
1. Mordecai learned about the decree for genocide and immediately went outside, tore his clothes, put on sackcloth and ashes and went to the king’s gate.
2. Esther heard about Mordecai and was concerned – apparently she had not heard about the decree. She sent her eunuch, Hathach, to find out what was going on and to give Mordecai clothes.
3. Mordecai refused the clothes, filled Hathach in on the decree and told him to tell Esther she needed to go to the king and plead for her people. This certainly sounds like a reasonable plan, right? Apparently not.
4. Esther relied that she absolutely could not do it. Going in to see the king without being called was punishable by death. She added that he had not called for her in 30 days. Uh oh. There might have been some trouble there.
5. Mordecai responded with 3 truths: 1) Do not think that you are going to live just because you are in the palace. 2) If you don’t act, God will use someone else to save His people (I’m inferring this – he never mentions God) and you still may die. 3) “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” Whoa. Truth bomb.
6. Esther totally got it. She told Mordecai to have all of the Jews fast for 3 days along with her young women and herself. After the 3 days she would go to the king and “if I perish, I perish.” She stepped up!
Reading this passage always makes me think about the many ways God has moved behind the scenes in my own life preparing me for what was coming. We never know when the “such a time as this” is coming, but we do know that if we trust in Him, He will prepare us for and walk with us through anything He calls us to do. I can not wait to read your thoughts and see your journaling! What stood out to you this week? #farmgirljournalsesther
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