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Esther 2

Esther 2Esther Bible Study Chapter 2 – Here’s a short summary:
1. Shockingly, the king began to regret his rash and drunken decision to banish Queen Vashti.
2. His advisers (who were responsible for the queen being banished in the first place) scrambled to come up with a plan. The King misses his wife? Find him a new one! They gathered lots of beautiful young virgins from all over the country and made them into a harem. (How young were they? Was is voluntary or kidnapping? There is lots of debate on both of these questions and I think the answer is that we just don’t know.)
3. We meet Mordecai who was an exiled Jew living in Susa along with Esther, his uncle’s daughter, who he is raising after her parents died.
4. Esther either was either drafted into or voluntarily joined the king’s harem and won the favor of the eunuch in charge, Hegai.
5. Mordecai told Esther to keep the fact that she is Jewish a secret.
6. After 12 MONTHS of beautification (?!?!) it was Esther’s turn to spend the night with the king. He of course fell in love with her and made her the new queen.
7. In the meantime, while Mordecai was hanging around the king’s gate hoping to catch up with Esther, he overheard two eunuchs plotting against the king. He told Esther, Esther tells the king, the men were killed and the whole affair was recorded in the king’s book of chronicles.
Lots of stuff happening in the chapter! Do you think the women had a choice of whether or not to be in the king’s contest for a new queen? Did you see God working behind the scenes at all? What stood out to you as you studied? I can’t wait to read your thoughts and see your journaling! #farmgirljournalsesther
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