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2020 Farm Girl Journals Gift Guide

Between the endless cooking, parties, ornament exchanges, and ahem…Covid…who has the time/desire to shop in stores?  List so long you don’t know where to start?  Whether you’re searching for stocking stuffers or in pursuit of the perfect present, we’ve got you covered with our FarmGirl gift-giving guide!   Our Shop Early Save More Sale is still happening for Farm Girl Journals VIPs. Not a member of the VIP Club? Sign up here! Whether you’re shopping for mom, your bestie, your sister-in-law or your sister-in-Christ, check out these fabulous, feminine finds! 1. Meadow Bible Tabs2. Meadow Prayer Journal Bundle3. Hosanna Revival Large Print Journaling Bible     Husband, Father, Grandfathers, and Pastors alike – check out these slightly “less floral” options. 1. Ocean Blues Bible Tabs2. Books of the Bible Journal3. ESV Large Print Journaling Bible with Suit Bible Tabs     Gifts for the kiddos in your life that are both Christ centered and fun! 1. Rainbow Promise Bible Tabs2. Children’s Advent Journal3. NIV Action Study Bible with Comic Book  Bible Tabs    Teens (and tweens) are all about aesthetics! FGJ has countess insta-worthy products. Our color-coordinated bundles are positively swoon-worthy! 1. Rejoice In Hope SOAP Journal2. Black, White and Colorful Journaling Stickers3. ESV Journaling Bible with Black, White and Colorful Bible Tabs    Arguably the most important person on your shopping list!  Help them keep you prayed up with one of our Prayer Journals!  They’re the perfect balance of form and function! 1. Prayer Warrior Journal2. Say a Little Prayer Combination Journal3. ESV Large Print Journaling Bible with Customized Washi Tape and Bible Tabs     Do you have a creative on your list?  Feed their need to make beautiful things with some washi tape, fresh pens, and one of these inspirational offerings! 1. Create your own blank Bible Tabs 2. Be Still Bible Journaling Bundle3. NLT Inspire Large Print Coloring and Journaling Bible      We have endless options for your Secret Santa, White Elephant,

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James 5

Journaling Through James: Week 5, James 5:-1-20 This is it! Our final week in James! Our text this week was so rich, I found myself copying big sections of it word for word into my journal! The opening lines of Ch 5 echo the tone of chapter 4.  Our life is temporary. Laying up treasure I’m the present world won’t help you in the next. On the contrary! Our earthly riches will rot/corrode and stand as evidence against us of where we put our time and resources. James also  warns against living in luxury and self-indulgence. He then shifts his attention from the rich, back to those who are suffering, calling on his audience to “be patient” three times! He instructs them to prepare their hearts for the coming of the Lord. He admonishes them: Do not grumble against one another, but instead to remain steadfast like Job. Do not swear—instead let your yes be yes and your no be no.  (In other words, build a reputation for keeping your word and your word alone will suffice) He also provides instructions: Suffering? Pray Cheerful? Sing praises Sick? Call the elders for prayer and  announcing in the name of Jesus He reminds them of the importance of confession and praying for one another (both are means for healing) “The prayer of a righteous person has great power! James closes out his letter with a final reminder of the importance of restoring  wandering believer, stating that it can save their soul from death and cover over a multitude of sins. What about you? What stood out to you this week? We’d love to hear from you/see your journaling progress in the comments below! Thanks so much for joining me for this 5-week study. I trust the Lord has blessed you in your time

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Favorite Bible Journaling Supplies

Remember that feeling you got when you were a kid and it was time to buy new school supplies? My very favorite thing was getting the brand new box of perfectly sharp crayons. All the colors just made me swoon! That’s exactly how I feel about getting new Bible Journaling supplies. Absolutely giddy. Yes, I know, I am a dork. But I love them so much.  So in the name of spreading giddiness, I thought I would share a few of my favorite supplies. But, before we get started, I do want to address the issue of bleed through. Bible pages are thin (some thinner than others) and if you journal in your Bible, eventually bleed through will happen. Some pens are much better than others, but I advise you to come to peace with the occasional bleed through now and avoid the heartache later. When ever in doubt, test the pen on a page in the back of your Bible. So, let’s get down to it. Here is my list of favorite Bible Journaling supplies: A Bible In order to Bible Journal you probably need a Bible. Any Bible will work, but I LOVE Journaling Bibles because of the extra room for notes and art work. You can find them in lots of places but if you aren’t going to buy one from me 🙂 then I highly suggest They have a huge variety and usually really good prices.  My favorite Bible is the ESV Large Print Leather Cover Journaling Bible in Mocha. I carry it in my shop here, but you can find it other places as well. And, you can check out the other Journaling Bibles I sell here.    Pens and Pencils PRISMACOLOR COLORED PENCILS – Y’all. These pencils are the bomb. I adore them.

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James Week 4

Welcome Back to Journaling Through James, Week 4! This Week’s Text: James 4:1-17 If you’ll recall, last week’s chapter ended with the words, “…a harvest of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace”.   James begins his next sentence (the start of our text this week) with the exact opposite of peace: “What causes quarrels and fights among you?”   His answer: Your passions are at war within you.  Our flesh and spirit seldom agree with one another.  When our flesh desires something, it entices us to obtain it by fleshly means (James cites murder, fighting, and quarreling as examples).  He goes on to explain we do not have because we fail to ask, OR because we ask with wrong motives (ie—to satisfy flesh).  James likens chasing earthly passions to committing adultery—you can’t have it both ways.  “Friendship with the world is enmity with God”. (Another counter-cultural reference!) This is a hard teaching!  The world tells us to “follow your hearts desire” and “chase your dreams”.  But if our dreams are to make ourselves great (not God), then we can’t please God.  “You cannot serve two masters.  Either you will hate one and love the other or you will be devoted to one and despise the other.”  (Matthew 6:24) Jesus is actually talking about money in here, but the sentiment also applies to the James passage.  We can just as easily make ourselves/our desires idols that compete for our devotion.  We must not ignore God’s will to follow our own (and expect to please him).  Being told we might not have what we want hurts our pride.  “Therefore it says, God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.  Submit yourselves to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from you.  Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” James reminds the reader (in case he/she is feeling prickly

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How to add washi tape to your Bible

One of my all time favorite projects is adding washi tape to a Bible. I don’t know why, but there is something so satisfying about all those pages with washi taped edges that just makes me happy. How did we ever live without washi tape, anyway? This is a Bible I did recently for a customer. I love to add Bible tabs after I finish adding the washi tape, but you could absolutely skip that. It’s gorgeous either way.  I used a Roy G Biv pattern for this Bible because the Bible tabs are color coded by genre. All of the law books are red, history books are pink, poetry orange, major profits yellow, minor profits green, gospels turquoise, history navy, epistles blue and prophecy purple.  The one below is my personal Bible. It is a random assortment of washi tape colors and patterns with colorful Bible tabs. I LOVE it, but it certainly isn’t for everyone. 🙂   Ready to add washi tape to your own Bible? Awesome! Here’s what you need: a Bible washi tape scissors That’s it!  Now, I have quite an extensive washi tape collection (some have called it an obsession, but whatever). This is my main collection. Yes, that does mean I have even more stashed elsewhere in my office (in my defense – I have been collecting this for many, many years). You do NOT need anywhere near this much washi – in fact, you can absolutely do a Bible with one roll. So don’t think you have to run out and spend a fortune on washi tape. Use whatever you have.  Here are a few tips to help you get started: I don’t think I have ever finished a Bible in one sitting. This is a long process. You really have to take

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James Week 3

Welcome Back to Journaling Through James, Week 3 This week’s passage was considerably shorter than our first two weeks.  However, what it may have lacked in length, it made up for in depth!  In Chapter 3, we see James return to a theme he’s alluded to in each of our previous weeks—the dangers of the tongue!  Here are a few of my favorite highlights: James open Ch 3 with a warning that teachers will be judged with a greater strictness (and for that reason, not many of them should aspire to teach).   He also notes that it is common, even for himself, to stumble in many ways, but that if a person is able to keep a reign on his words, then he is able to control his entire body.  He uses several analogies (a bit/horse, a rudder/ship, a spark/a forest fire, etc.) to illustrate this point. James also suggests that while man has managed to tame every beast on the face of the earth, mastery of the tongue remains illusive .  His words, “The tongue is untamable by man” seem to imply that we must, therefore rely on a greater power—that of the Holy Spirit—to keep our tongues in check. James warns that the tongue is a restless evil, full of poison.  Don’t believe for one second that the sins of the tongue are innocent like society would have you believe.  “White lies” are still sin.  Gossip may drip off the tongue like honey and enter the ears like sweet music, but it is still sin.  Like poison, sins of the tongue, are often unassuming and can sometimes go down smooth and undetected, but in reality, they are deadly, life-sucking, and sometimes cause irreparable damage. James goes on to point out the hypocrisy of using our tongues both to bless/praise our Lord and Father and to curse people,

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